You’re Not a Prisoner of the Past

Jennifer Teege- My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me
I really enjoy researching my genealogy, but for some of my ancestors, I wouldn’t want to meet them because they would not have accept me. I’ve come across people who don’t want to research certain parts of their family because of the pain a relative or ancestor caused (why bother they might say). We have to move past this type of hurt, to get to the truth. Jennifer Teege, author of My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me: A black Woman Discover’s Her Family’s Nazi Past says, “You’re not a prisoner of the past.”

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Snoop Dogg, I’m Not Boycotting Roots

Roots- History Channel

Snoop Dogg is encouraging Black People to boycott the new movie remake of Roots. Being very vocal his objections, Snoop said“… [F] that old [ish] …” This response is not shocking or surprising to me. This is a typical reaction some black people have when they see a “slave movie.”

Let’s face it, watching black people being beat and humiliated by White slave owners is very painful. These period pieces can easily make Black people angry and frustrated, since there is nothing we can do to right those wrongs. Thus, many of us go the route of dismissing and devaluing the past which is a reason why African Americans know very little about their own family history and genealogy. [Read more...]

Stacey Dash, Do You Want To Censor American Culture and Business?

Ms. Dash, in response to your recent comments on Fox News where you recommend getting rid of Black TV channels like BET, I say this. A business has the right to curate content, music, media, and food for a specific audience of our society. Restaurants do this all the time giving us a wide variety of choices: Italian, Chinese, Southern Soul, Jamaican, Indian, and more. Is it racist for these businesses to only make one style of cuisine? Absolutely not, unless they were denying someone entrance because of their race, nationality, gender, or religion. [Read more...]

Philosophical Moment: Are Certain Historical Events and Actions Part of Our Ancestry?

Landscape with Milky Way in Background

Are certain historical events and actions just as much a part of our makeup as  the DNA of our ancestors? I think so…I would not exist if it were not for –> the creation of the universe –> The explosion of countless stars which led to the creation of all the elements –> the creation of our sun and solar system –> the collision of planets –> the creation of the earth –> the impact of meteors –> extinction of the dinosaurs –> the rise of our genetic Adam and Eve –> the rise of civilization –> the rise of world empires –> the exploration of men –> the slave trade and it’s ugly, brutal cruelty –> The revolutionary war –> the civil war –> emancipation –> the lack of funding that prevented my 3rd great grandfather, John Miller, from emigrating to Liberia –> The loss of over 400 acres of land by my 2nd great grandfather, Isaac Miller, which cause the move of my great grandfather and grandmother (Daniel and Mary Beal) to Valdosta –> The move of my grandfather, Bennie Jackson from Sylvester Georgia to Valdosta –> The meeting of my mother and father –> the one sperm that beat out millions which led to fertilization and my birth. Although I’m 44 years old, it took billions of years to make me!!! You and I are very special.