Use Online Trends in Journalism to Make Your Content Sociable and Shareable.

After writing my first article on Storify, I came across a related article , I found this great YouTube video by Sarah Marshall. Her presentation, “Around the World in Online Innovation.” She basically gives a lesson on how to make your content shareable and provides good examples for study. If you haven’t notice the changes in journalism websites since the invention of Web 2.0 and social media, then roll up your sleeves and prepare to be schooled. If we want to generate more traffic and buzz about our articles we can’t rely on the traditional “build it and they will come” approach web content development. In this video Sarah Marshall describes the latest trends in online journalism. The main takeaway is realizing that the main gateway to your website is no longer your homepage but your articles that are shared on social media. Thus the popularity of your website relies on the individual strength of each article. The bulk of your content should be short and concise, listy, and most importantly, shareable.

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