Web 2.0 Based Learning Case Study

As I have spent the last 10 weeks studying Web 2.0 based learning, I whole heatedly agree that this type of instruction definitely takes much more time to develop, facilitate, and grade. This may be why I haven’t had any Web 2.0 based lessons as a graduate student until recently. The following video is a nice case study of a Social Informatics (Technology Impact) class taught by Lubna Alam at the University of Canberra. The instructor said, “I was using these tools in the unit as a way of how they (her students) can question the value of these tools by using the tools themselves.” This teaching strategy is very similar to my class at Florida State University which is taught by Dr. Vanessa Dennen. We have explored and had exposure to many Web 2.0 tools, our class has a twitter hashtag, and we have a class blog. Our assignments and projects incorporate the use of tools we have explored, and we’ve have definitely gotten the opportunity to know each other better because of interacting with these tools. We have to be prepared if we decide to use Web 2.0 for instruction. Ms. Alam provides the following helpful tips. [Read more...]