DNA Test Results

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My DNA has been tested with services provided by 23andMeAncestryDNA, and Family Tree DNA (FtDNA) . Here are the results:

Testing Company
Genetic Ethnicity / Population
23andMe 83.0%: Sub-Saharan African
13.3%: European
0.6%: East Asian & Native American
0.4%: South Asian
2.6%: Unassigned*
Further analysis also shows 1.3% Neanderthal
mtDNA= L3d1-5
Y-DNA= E1b1a8a
A service of
85%: African
Cameroon/Congo 32%; Senegal 16%; Benin/Togo 12%;
Ivory Coast/Ghana 10%, Mali 7%; Nigeria 5%;
Africa Southeastern Bantu 3%
1% Asian
Asia Central 1%
14%: European
 Ireland 5%, Europe West 5%, Italy/Greece 2%
Great Britain 1%, Scandinavia < 1%
FtDNA Family Finder MyOrigins
83% African: 81% West African, 2% East Central African
15% European: 7% British Isles, 5% East Europe, 3% Southeast Europe

Results Before MyOrigins implementation
83.51% African: Yoruba
16.49% European: Finnish, French, Orcadian (Orkney Islands), Russian

Family Finder provides a percentage of a person’s ethinic ancestral makeup (Native-American, Middle Eastern, African, West and East European) and can match family up to six generations (across all lineages). Autosomal DNA is tested. Results can confidently place connections to populations as far back as 1,000 years…learn more. 23andMe and other DNA population tests provides similar results.

The population percentages are obtained by comparing the test subjects to the Family Tree DNA World population database, which uses samples from scientific studies (not customer samples). As this database is updated, the test subjects’ population percentages will adjust. AncestryDNA’s test works similarly.

Y-DNA (Paternal Lineage)- Haplogroup: E1b1a8a

FTDNA and 23andMe results show that my direct lineage ancestors on my paternal side (father, father’s father, etc..) are from Africa.

MtDNA (Maternal Lineage)- Haplogroup: L3d1-5

FtDNA and 23andMe results show that my direct lineage ancestors on my maternal side (mother, mother’s mother, etc..) are from Africa. 23andMe categorizes my maternal line more specifically as L3d1-5.

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