Most Distant Known Ancestor: John Jackson (1818 – ?)

Ben Jackson House- Sharecropper

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My 3rd great grandfather, John Jackson was a resident of Calhoun County, Georgia. An 1870 Census reveals South Carolina as his birthplace. His wife was Loraine. They had a huge family of children: Eliza, Mattie, Henrietta, Alford, Rebecca, Lucious, Millie, Julia, Lady, Lindia, and Andrew.

Alford Jackson, my 2nd great grandfather who born in 1852,  married Silvia Hamilton. He moved his family to Damascus, Georgia in Early County. Their children were Albert, Rainey (Loranine), Paul, Steller, Francis, Silas, Ben, Winder, Henry, James, and Clara.

Alford’s son Ben, born in 1885, was my great grandfather. He married Mary Lou Little. Their children were Grady, Bennie, Lillian, and Pearl. By 1930 Ben and Mary moved their family to Worth County, Georgia.  Ben died on February 18, 1947.

My grandfather Bennie was born in Calhoun County 1906. As mentioned above, he in Worth County (Sylvester and Ty Ty, Georgia). He Married Irish Slade. Their children: Grady, Benjamin, Oree, Virtis, and my father, Roosevelt.

Bennie and Irish Jackson divorced. Irish moved to New Jersey with Virtis. Bennie and his boys moved to Valdosta where he remarried.

Valdosta is home for my family. My father Roosevelt and mother, Betty Beal had 4 boys: Bennie, Vernon, Dewayne, and Derrick, my twin brother. My father was career military in the US Army. His service  not only benefited this country, but his veteran benefits paid for my undergraduate degree.