Isaac Miller - Hahira, Georgia

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Most Distant Known Ancestor: Sophia Miller (1800 – ?)

My MILLER family have lived in Lowndes County, Georgia since before Valdosta was chartered as a city. This lineage of my family were free men and were  listed in the 1850 census: my 3rd great grand father John Miller, his mother Sophia, brothers Aaron and Jake, and their sister, Amanda.

At some point the family moved to Thomas County. John, Aaron, and Amanda were listed in the Freedmen Registry between 1858 and 1862.

An 1863 Lowndes County deed shows that my 3rd great grandfather, John and his brother Aaron, owned 490 acres of land, originating from a $1350 purchase of the “Old Henry Vickers Place”. This purchase was made possible by Hamilton W. Sharpe who was listed as John and Aaron’s guardian on the deed. I suspect that I may be a direct descendant of Hamilton W. Sharpe, an early Lowndes County pioneer and postmaster; however, more research is needed for confirmation.

My 3rd great uncle, Aaron Miller, and his family emigrated to Liberia, Africa in 1872 along with over one hundred other residents. Fortunately for me, my great grandfather John remained. His sons Isaac (my 2nd great grandfather) and Augustus Miller eventually became owners of the property; unfortunately most of their lands were sold in 1914 and 1950.