Frank "Cab" Slade
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Most Distant Known Ancestor: William Lee Slade (1824 – ?)

Currently research shows that my SLADE family may originate from Talbot County, Georgia. They definitely lived  in Dawson (Terrell County),  Sylvester (Worth County), and Tifton (Tift County) Georgia.

William “Willie” Lee Slade and his wife, Silvia my have resided in Talbot County in 1880. Their children are: Bootman, Reuben, Elizabeth, William, James Walter “Babe”, Frank “Cab”, Joseph, James?, and Lula.

Margaret SladeWillie and Silvia’s son, Frank “Cab” Slade, is my great grandfather. He married Margaret Gardner and resided in Dawson, Georgia (Terrell County). Census records show him living in Sylvester (Worth County) from 1910 through 1920. Frank and Margaret’s children are Roosevelt, Nathan, Benjamin, Thelma, and Irish.

Frank and Margaret divorced and he married Carrie.

Frank died on March 21, 1949 from a blow to the head (during a fight).

Many in my SLADE family moved north to New Jersey and New York including my grandmother, Irish, after separating from my grandfather, Bennie Jackson.

Some Slades live in Sylvester and Tifton, Georgia (About 20 minutes east of Albany).

Talented Cousins

I have a very talented and gifted cousin by the name of Margaret Slade Kelly. Her work has been commissoned by the Essence Music Festival, Chevrolet, MCA Records, and The State of New Jersey. Also talented musically is Carol Slade Harden who sang in 1958 with Dione Warwick in a group called the Gospelaires. She recorded “I Wanna Know Right Now” and appeared on American Bandstand.

Descended from Royalty?

Sir Benjamin Slade, an English Baron is looking for an heir to take over his estate. In the Observer, Slade says that he received over 10,000 letters from Slades throughout the world, including two black women in America.

Slade has tested the DNA of his oldest known ancestor, Walter Atte Slade,who died in 1120.

To date, I have not discovered any links to this royal lineage, but I have much more research to do on the SLADES.