Informal Learning Web 2.0

Web 2.0 and social media has made our society very rich with informal learning. If there is some information, I need concerning a person, place, or thing I go to Wikipedia or do a Google search. If there is some skill I want to learn, I go to YouTube. One of my favorite websites to learn WordPress is a website called which has loads of guides, helpful resources, and really good YouTube videos. Will informal learning one day overtake, structured learning and education. Possibly yes, especially if future employment requirements place greater weight on this form of learning.


  1. Cassidy says

    I love informal learning! I think it is such a beautiful thing, people being motivated enough to learn something on their own without being forced to. You state that maybe informal learning will take over one day…I certainly think informal learning will become a part of the conversation, but I don’t think it’s possible to complete replace structured, formal learning with informal opportunities. After all, what would we IDers do??

    • Dewayne Jackson says

      True. I don’t think informal learning will replace traditional education; however, I feel it will be a strong rival. Thanks for the reply.

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