Photos have a way of bringing us together. They have the power to make us smile, laugh, cry, feel pride, and much more. Sharing photos are a great way to keep your family, friends, neighbors, classmates, and co-workers updated on the things that matter to you. Whether it is some monumental achievement, silly moment, or casual outing.

Stock Photography

I am an Istockphoto Contributor. My photography services are primarily, not marketed directly to the public.

First Camera

I actually made my first camera in Mr. Pitchford’s Industrial Arts class at Valdosta Junior High. It was an Oatmeal Box Pinhole Camera. The pictures that I took with this camera weren’t great but this class activity exposed me to the world of photography. We even had the opportunity to develop our pictures in a dark room at the school.

Next Steps

While I was in high school I purchased a Kodak Polaroid, and had a lot of fun with that camera. Later over the years I eventually purchased one of those inexpensive 35mm cameras and captured a lot of college memories. Because of my professional work experience in web design and development I have had years of experience editing pictures with Adobe Photoshop. When I began to provide a freelance service building websites in 2004 I purchased a Canon Powershot. At this time I took more pictures at family gatherings. Soon I began seeing pictures of my work framed at my older brother’s house, and when this same brother used one of my pictures for his wedding invitations in 2007, I decided to take things to the next level.

Current Camera

In 2008, I purchased a Canon Digital Rebel XS and began buying the equipment that I needed to provide professional photography services. I needed experience to improve my skills, thus taking portraits was a good way to build them.

Social Photography

People are my favorite subject for photos. I grew up with photos displayed all over the house. My father framed many portraits of our family and displayed them in the hallways and living room. He also had several large photo albums filled with pictures of his military days, and of me and my brothers growing up. I’ve spent countless times looking through those albums.

Over ten years ago I began researching my family tree, and I am proud to have pictures of my great and 2nd great grandparents that were pass down to my father and mother. This helped me to see how photos can touch the lives of one’s family for generations.