Shark Tank and Cheek’d. Web 2.0 Face Reality

As potential creators of Web 2.0 driven websites and instruction, an episode of Shark Tank provided a good dose of reality for those seeking funding. None of the sharks liked Lori Cheek’s pitch of her online dating service Cheek’d. Basically she wants to give a little realness to online dating. If someone sees a person they’re interested in, they hand the person a nameless card with a pickup line and their unique profile code. The receiver of the card goes onto the Cheek’d website and enters the code which reveals some basic information about the card giver. At that point if the two people “have chemistry” they can choose to reveal much more information about each other.

One of the main reasons why the sharks did not like Lori’s offer is because she had very low sales after 3 years of running the business. Lori’s excuse was the fact that her website did not work properly from her business’ start date. Several of the sharks mentioned that Lori was not facing reality that her business concept was flawed. For the most part, I agreed with the sharks. As we try to create Web 2.0 driven content, I think we need to use this example as motivation for setting realistic, obtainable goals with a deadline for accomplishing them. We need to be open to constructive criticism and move on after a project has been unsuccessful, or after we’ve heard from several people to try something different.


  1. Vanessa says

    I’m still scratching my head at this dating concept. Interesting, for sure. Reminds me how years ago my friends and I joked about going up to a stranger and faking bending down to pick something up and then handing them our number on a piece of paper (Ooops, you just dropped this. Oh, look, it’s my number.)

    • Dewayne Jackson says

      LOL. During the pitch session the entrepreneur kept saying that she got the tech problems fixed. Before I made this post, I visited her website. There is a message that says, “The new Check’d arrives Summer 2014.” It’s almost August, so maybe she decided to revamp the thing from the ground up.

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