Stacey Dash, Do You Want To Censor American Culture and Business?

Ms. Dash, in response to your recent comments on Fox News where you recommend getting rid of Black TV channels like BET, I say this. A business has the right to curate content, music, media, and food for a specific audience of our society. Restaurants do this all the time giving us a wide variety of choices: Italian, Chinese, Southern Soul, Jamaican, Indian, and more. Is it racist for these businesses to only make one style of cuisine? Absolutely not, unless they were denying someone entrance because of their race, nationality, gender, or religion.

If we were to follow your model of doing away with ethnic specific media content, there would only be a few networks out their utilizing the bad business practice of trying to be all things to  everybody. Think about. If you want to get rid of the all Black channels like BET and TVOne, then why stop there. Get rid of other audience dedicated channels like ESPN (all sports), CNN & Fox News (24/7 News coverage), The History Channel (history lovers), HBO & Showtimes (Movies and premium shows), TBN (Christian TV), HGTV ( Home Improvement & Cooking), QVC (Shopping), and PBS (Shows that otherwise wouldn’t be aired because of the lack of mass appeal). You see, the reason why you have a platform like Fox news to share your opinions is because of an entrepreneur like Ted Turner who saw a need for a 24 hour news network, a TV channel curated and dedicated for people who want to tune in and see the news at any given moment- all day if they liked. Viaacom saw the value of owning a network dedicated to African American interests and concerns which is why they bought BET for 2.3 billion dollars!

When you say you want to ban a channel like BET, you’re really talking about censorship. The thing that bothers me about your comments and and those with similar opinions is that you have selective amnesia about our country’s history and founding principles. You talk about and advocate for our great American values, then you say things that goes against those very ideals. Censorship is not good for business and culture. Just like you have the right to express your views on Fox News, I have a right to watch BET in peace.

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