Genealogy- How to Get Started

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Genealogy- How to Get StartedPick a starting point

When starting your genealogy research, decide which side of your family (Surname) you want to start with. The best one will probably be the surname that is closest to you geographically, and the one which you have most contact with. For instance if you live in south Georgia and all of your mom’s family are from the same area, but your dad’s family are from California, start with your Mom’s family first.

Get Organized

From the beginning of your search, be organized. Buy several notebooks, tablets, page dividers, and sheet protectors. Whenever records are found  for a surname in your family, place them in a designated notebook. Keeping a journal of your research efforts will be extremely helpful. In your journal keep a list of who you have talked to, places where you have visited, your thoughts on resources, and reminders. Evernote is a great online and mobile way to keep notes wherever you go.

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