Steve Harvey and His Smart Phone

While browsing Facebook, I saw a clip of the “Ask Steve” segment of the Steve Harvey Show. After watching several clips, I came upon the following video where an audience member asked Harvey if there was a technology he couldn’t live without. Harvey talked about how much he used his smartphone. Then he began talking about intrusion with the camera on these devices. He mentioned even when you tell people know, they still take the picture. I can attest to this, most times people will take pictures on various occasions and post those pictures without asking if it’s okay. To many, I believe they feel the mere act of taking the picture gives permission to post on social media, but we must be mindful of our friends and family’s privacy.

Googling My Name

This week in my Web 2.0 class we had a discussion on Privacy and leaving digital footprints online. I decided to Google my name to see what I find. My first search used “Eric Jackson” and “Valdosta, Georgia” (Eric is my first name). On the first page of results, I found a 2010 organizational chart from the university where I worked as an Instructional Technology Specialist. My LinkedIn profile is the second item listed. Afterwards, I found my profile page on, a website that was a pioneer in social networking before Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. I think I created this page around 2004- 2006 (I need to delete this profile). Next is my profile page on my fraternity’s local chapter  website. [Read more...]