Storify, My Favorite New Web 2.0 Tools

Almost 3 months ago, I began reviewing a lot of new Web 2.0 tools, that I had never tried. For me this included: Pinterest, Storify, VoiceThread, SlideShare, ScoopIt, LibraryThing, GoodReads, Delicious, and more. Out of the bunch Storify was my favorite Web 2.0 tool. I enjoy curating content, so being able to easily bring in content from different sources was great. This tool has a browser add-on which makes Storifying content even easier. The add-on has also added “Storify It” links to social site such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more. I especially like the embed capabilities of the Storify articles that are created. Decentralizing content is a must have feature these days. Give Storify a try, and let me know what you think.

Curation, Tagging, and Social Bookmarking

This week I had the opportunity to look at curation, tagging, and social bookmarking platforms. While I don’t think I will ever get into using social bookmarking websites like Delicious, I really enjoyed exploring Pinterest and Storify. Both have their advantages and disadvantage so it’s best to get a sold idea for the purpose and outcome of your activity to select the tool that best fits the job. If you need something that is very visual and that doesn’t require much text content then Pinterest may be your tool. On the other hand if you want to tell a story then you guess it, Storify is the way to go. A few of my peers used a tool called ScoopIt which seemed to be a cross between Pinterest and Storify. And, while I was writing this article, I came across another curation tool called BO.LT (Mashable provides a good description). I will definitely check out those tools. My favorite tool this week was Storify, and I really like the way I was able to embed my complete story into my blog.


Comparing Pinterest and Storify

This week, we were asked to review two curation and knowledge sharing tools, Storify and Pinterest. I signed up for an account at both websites. I really like the fact that both of these websites makes it easy to build a collection of content for a specific topic. Here is my comparison of these tools. Overall both services provide a really cool services, but for my personal use and business use I am concerned about their terms of services. Both services want royalty free, transferable, licensable rights to modify, copy, reproduce, distribute, and sell your content. [Read more...]